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The North Carolina Library Association (NCLA) values everyone’s attendance at our events. We strive to provide a welcoming, safe, and supportive environment where participants may learn, network and share information with colleagues in an atmosphere of mutual respect. To that end, we request that attendees abide by the ALA Statement of Appropriate Conduct at our biennial conference and other association sponsored events. If you experience or witness something that you feel is in violation of this code of conduct, please contact Mike Crumpton at 919-271-6812 or Lorrie Russell at 336-307-0930. If you wish to report something anonymously, please use this form.

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Thursday, October 17

7:30am EDT

8:00am EDT

9:00am EDT

"Libraries: Spaces to _____" Lightning Round Salem 3ALynda Reynolds • Annie Peterson • Terry Brandsma • Andrew Pierce • Kathryn M. Crowe • Laura Nowak • Robert Frawley It’s Lonely at the Top: But It Doesn’t Have to Be Salem 1BChristie Reale So! You STILL Want to be a Public Library Director: Thriving in a Governmental Environment Salem 3CRoss Holt • NCPLDA Space to Define Purpose: Strategies for Creating Mission, Vision, and Values with Your Team Winston 1AShelly Hypes • Ryan Harris • LAMS Library Signage: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Winston 1BCurtis Rogers What’s next? The Future of Service at UNCW Randall Library Salem 3BNicole Tekulve • Tammy Ivins • Von Yeager • Lisa Coats • RASS Foster an Inclusive, Welcoming Library, (Even if Your Staff is Homogeneous), With a Diversity Committee Salem 1APamela McCarter • Joel White • Esmirna Esparza • Lindsey Dunn True crime pays off: organizing a day of true crime programs at the library Winston 1CMatthew Kleven • Sabrina Taylor • Nora Armstrong Why Does My Summer Reading Manual Look Different?!?!: Changes to the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) Winston 3BLisa Donaldson • Chrissie McGovern • Jasmine Rockwell • YSS Vital Records for Genealogy Winston 3AMarcellaus Joiner • REMCO There's Space For Us All: An Introduction to NCLA Salem 2Breanne Crumpton • NMRT #SquadGoals: Creating and Sustaining a Library Instruction Community Salem 1CHu Womack • Kyle Denlinger • Kathy Shields • Meghan Webb • CUS Using the Virtual Space of the Learning Management System (LMS) to Engage with Our Community Winston 3CCatherine Tingelstad • Samantha Harlow • Beth Auten NCLA Website Help Piedmont 1-3NCLA Web & Technologies Committee

10:00am EDT

11:00am EDT

RTSS Table Talks Salem 3AChristine Fischer • Kristin Calvert • Patricia Dragon • Lisa Barricella • Tiffany Henry • RTSS Libraries: Spaces to Lead: The UNC University Library Advisory Council Model Salem 3BMichael Crumpton • Anne Moore • Martin Halbert • Vicki Coleman • Janice Lewis • NCLA President So! You STILL Want to be a Library Director: The Data Driven Director Salem 3CRoss Holt • Lesley Mason • Amanda Johnson • Juan Vasquez • NCPLDA TNT’s Library Tech Resource Networking Meetup Salem 1BJulie Raynor • TNT What Library Directors Need to Know about YALSA’s Teen Services Competencies for Library Staff Winston 3BSandra Hughes-Hassell • Lisa Donaldson • YSS Inside and outside the library: fitness, bicycling, and public libraries Winston 1CBeth Cramer • Noah Lenstra • John Boyd • PLS 2020 Census – Counting on Libraries Winston 3CBob Coats • GRS Find It and Use it for Free Winston 3ADenise Jones • Andrea Gabriel • State Library of NC The Hunt is On: Conquering the Paper Trail of Applying for Jobs Salem 2Amanda Glenn-Bradley • Kate Hill • Kate Engelbrecht • Emily Leachman • Apryl Rosser • Tyler Wilmoth • NMRT Watch this Space: Emerging Trends in Credit Bearing Information Literacy Courses Salem 1AHu Womack • Kyle Denlinger • Summer Krstevska • Amanda Foster-Kaufman Beyond Makerspace Salem 1CLara Luck • David Romito • Ruddiyette Yisak • STEM-LINC Paired Presentation: Behind the Scenes of Academic Library Website Design: Patterns and Trends from 2012 to the Present/ Digital Inclusion and User Experience (UX): Meeting the Web Information Needs of Academic... Winston 1BAnthony Chow • Dave Comeaux • Terry Brandsma • Cassie Vargo Therapy Dogs Conference 1 (Benton)

12:00pm EDT

1:30pm EDT

Everything They Didn't Tell You About Escape Rooms at ALA Winston 1CSydney Smith • Hope Loman Project Management in Technical Services Salem 3CKate Hill • Jeff Eller • Jessica Zellers • Bethany Blankemeyer • RTSS Let's Talk Student Workers! Salem 1BLa-Nita Williams • NC Library Paraprofessional Association One Service Desk: The Trend Towards Changing Traditional Service Winston 3BMarian Lytle • Suzanne White • Susan Brown • Jim Blanton • Rishara Finsel • PLS Libraries Build Committees Piedmont 4Rase Mccray Spaces to GROW. Library student employment as a High Impact Educational Practice Salem 3BKathryn Webb • Mark Sanders • RASS Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em: Reinvigorating, reinventing (and occasionally relinquishing) library outreach programs Salem 1AHu Womack • Meghan Webb State Library Update Winston 1ATimothy Owens Take a CHANCE: Academic Library Outreach to Hispanic and Latinx High School Students Winston 3CRachel Olsen • Amy Harris Houk • Kathelene McCarty Smith • Armondo Collins • Paula Damasceno • LI Archives: Spaces to Get Your Hands Dirty Winston 3ASamantha Crisp The Calm After the Storm: Interviewing & the Aftermath Salem 2Amanda Glenn-Bradley • Meghan Wanucha Smith • Nora Burmeister • Amy Curtis • Lauren Menges • Elizabeth Marcus • NMRT Libraries: Spaces to Invest In Winston 1BLisa O'Connor Unraveling #critlib: An exploration of theory, practice, and community Salem 1CNatalie Ornat • Amanda Binder Tech Tools Lightning Talks from TNT Salem 3AChad Haefele • TNT NCLA Website Help Piedmont 1-3NCLA Web & Technologies Committee

2:00pm EDT

2:30pm EDT

Poster Session #2 + Vendor Coffee Piedmont 1-3Teresa LePors Poster #13 -- Tech -To-GO: Technology in Schools Piedmont 1-3Crystal Edwards • Helena Brittain Poster #9 -- How to Start a Children's Garden Club Piedmont 1-3Holly Jones • Martha McGehee Poster #14 -- Analyzing Library Book Donations to Improve Workflows and Decision Making Piedmont 1-3Katharine Frazier Poster #16 -- Libraries: Space to Heal / How Libraries Can Support Student & Patron Mental Health Piedmont 1-3Alison Van Norman Poster #22 -- A Library to Help Improve Highways Piedmont 1-3Kaysie Tulanian Poster #18 -- Transitioning Library Spaces: Transfer Students and Academic Success Piedmont 1-3Kathryn Crowe • Elizabeth Ellis Poster #25 -- Assessing Gaming Habits & Preferences of Students at UNC Greensboro Piedmont 1-3Juanita Thacker • Amanda Perri Poster #4 -- Surviving a Catastrophic Space Renovation Piedmont 1-3John Teleha • Octavious Spruill Poster #6 -- Trends in Patron Information Seeking Behavior: Public and Academic Library Website Analytics Piedmont 1-3Anthony Chow • Cassie Vargo • Dr. Margaret S. Zimmerman Libraries Build Committees Piedmont 4Rase Mccray Poster #12 -- Library Diversity Institute Pilot Project – U.N.C. at Greensboro Piedmont 1-3Gerald Holmes • LaTesha Velez • Deborah Yun Caldwell Poster #8 -- The LatinX Toolkit and Web Portal: Helping Public Libraries Meet the Needs of the Hispanic and Latino Community Piedmont 1-3Anthony Chow • Patricia Lyons Poster #1 -- Understanding ILL: Accessing Materials for Student Law Journal Citation Checking Piedmont 1-3Joy Whitfield Poster #15 -- Libraries: Spaces to Innovate - Hosting an IEEE Event on Entrepreneurship and Innovation to Connect Students with Library Resources and Entrepreneurial Support Piedmont 1-3John Teleha • Stephen Bollinger • Tiffany Russell Poster #19 -- Rediscovering Your Federal Documents Piedmont 1-3Andrew Grace Poster #24 -- Libraries: Spaces to Outgrow (Utilizing Cyberspace to Obtain Diverse Feedback and Reach New Users) Piedmont 1-3Rebekah Hilton Poster #5 -- A space for community organizers to advocate Piedmont 1-3Jazmyne Baylor Poster #10 -- #UNCGCreativityCruiser Sparks Mobile Engagement Piedmont 1-3Courtney Bobbitt • Christine Lloyd Poster #2 -- Setting the PACE with Seniors: Digital Literacy Instruction for Older Adults Piedmont 1-3Joselyn Williams • Christopher Robinson Poster #3 -- Documenting Life Piedmont 1-3Esther Darlena Glenn Poster #21 -- Usability Testing to Improve Search Results Piedmont 1-3Marcella Fredriksson Poster #23 -- Accessibility to Emerging Technology in the Public Library Systems: How VR can be a gateway to endless possibilities in a virtual space Piedmont 1-3Donte' Perry Poster #7 -- Getting Social: Public Library Social Media Curation and Best Practices Piedmont 1-3Anthony Chow • Christie Scott

3:30pm EDT

Libraries: Spaces to Encourage Early Literacy Collaborations Salem 1CLaurel Morris • Lynn Thompson • Donna Phillips • Lisa Finaldi • Sarah Miller Keeping Patrons First with the New RDA Salem 3CSonia Archer-capuzzo Recognizing and Avoiding Implicit Bias in Health Sciences Collections and Services Winston 3CKaren Grigg • Terri Ottosen • STEM-LINC Tidying up and calming down: tips for increasing workplace productivity Winston 1AClaire Leverett • Caroline Hallam • LAMS Libraries: Space to Create, Illuminate and Engage Salem 3BGloria Kelley • Retha Hall • Janice Hall Libraries Build Committees Piedmont 4Rase Mccray The Value of Safe Spaces: Anticipating the Needs of Trauma Survivors Winston 1BAndrea Winkler • Brandy Hamilton • LAMS Feeding the Mind: Elevating the Public Library's Role in Supporting Summer Food Winston 1CSarah Lyon The Great Escape Room: How to Plan and Run an Escape Room Program for Adults Winston 3BJason Rogers • Melissa Kammerer • Della Owens • PLS Smithsonian Libraries: Honoring the Past; Embracing the Future Winston 3ABarbara Ferry • GRS You’re in business: Four free & NC LIVE resources for non-business experts Salem 1ASara Thynne • John Raynor • Nancy Lovas • BLINC Libraries: Spaces for the New Generations - Up and Coming Librarians & Professional Staff Lightning Talk Salem 2Breanne Crumpton • NMRT Bridging the Gap: How Librarians Can Work Together for Student Success Salem 1BKeith Gorman • Kathelene McCarty Smith • Tammy Gruer • Katie Whetzel Fanstill Librarian Projects with Online Learners: Innovations, Successes, and Failures Salem 3ASamantha Harlow • Kyle Denlinger • Jenny Dale (she/her) • Nora Burmeister • Rachel Olsen • DLS

4:30pm EDT

5:00pm EDT

6:00pm EDT


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