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The North Carolina Library Association (NCLA) values everyone’s attendance at our events. We strive to provide a welcoming, safe, and supportive environment where participants may learn, network and share information with colleagues in an atmosphere of mutual respect. To that end, we request that attendees abide by the ALA Statement of Appropriate Conduct at our biennial conference and other association sponsored events. If you experience or witness something that you feel is in violation of this code of conduct, please contact Mike Crumpton at 919-271-6812 or Lorrie Russell at 336-307-0930. If you wish to report something anonymously, please use this form.

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Friday, October 18

8:00am EDT

Poster #16 -- Trade Work Initiative Piedmont 1-3Hannah Drum Poster #2 -- Marketing School Age Programming: Best Practices Piedmont 1-3Anna Ward Poster #7 -- Tales and Trails: Spaces to Collaborate Piedmont 1-3Adrian Zeck Leadership Institute Breakfast + Poster Session #3 Piedmont 1-3Teresa LePors • Julianne Moore • LI Poster #1 -- Library Offline: providing library services during a renovation Piedmont 1-3Kate Engelbrecht • Leanda Gahegan Poster #14 -- The Ideal Qualities of Library Leaders and Employees Piedmont 1-3Anthony Chow • Ashley Conte Poster #25 -- Cultivating and Inspiring North Carolina Library Leaders Piedmont 1-3Michael Crumpton Poster #6 -- Work Together: A Win-Win Situation With Student Assistants in an Academic Library Piedmont 1-3Erica Barnett Poster #23 -- Connecting Patrons with Library Services Using LibCal Piedmont 1-3Chad Fortner Fortner Poster #3 -- Do You See What They See? : Cost Effective Solutions for Improving Signage Piedmont 1-3Jon-Marc Ryan Dale Poster #9 -- Libraries: Spaces to Experience and Reflect on Digital Games Piedmont 1-3Melanie Sorrell • Julio Bahamon • Bob Price Poster #22 -- Planning the 15th Annual Paraprofessional Conference Piedmont 1-3Andrew Grace • Joe Barricella Poster #8 -- Change History: 365 Days of Black History Piedmont 1-3Jennifer Finlay Poster #10 -- FLICK Experimental film Festival at UNCG Jackson Library Digital Media Commons Piedmont 1-3Paula Damasceno Poster #11 -- O.E. What? : Implementing OER at Guilford Tech Community College Piedmont 1-3Alisha Webb Poster #17 -- Libraries: Spaces to Leverage Digital Media into a Pathway for First-Generation Latinx/Hispanic College Access at UNC Greensboro Piedmont 1-3Gerald Holmes • Rod Wyatt • Armondo R. Collins Poster #19 -- Connecting Your Library to the Wider Campus Community Through Collaborative Displays Piedmont 1-3DeAnn Brame • Emily Deinert • Amanda McLeod • Cody Walters Poster #12 -- The Grateful Dead Course @ UNCG: Peace, Love, and Library Collaborations Piedmont 1-3Rachel Olsen • Sarah Dorsey Poster #20 -- The ones that got away: Minimizing “missed” chats using an evidence-based wait-time standard Piedmont 1-3Sarah Steiner Poster #18 -- Time Flies When You’re Having Fun: Intensive Library Internships Piedmont 1-3Amy Harris Houk • Cassie Vargo Poster #21 -- Incentives-Based Technology Instruction in Public Libraries Piedmont 1-3Joanna Cox Poster #24 -- What Does It Meme?: Visual Literacy Programming in the Library Through the Language of Memes Piedmont 1-3Jenny Dale (she/her) • Brown Biggers Poster #4 -- Libraries: Spaces to find primary sources in the sciences vs. humanities. Piedmont 1-3Megan Carlton Poster #15 -- Collaborative Blogging: a sustainable professional development & networking tool Piedmont 1-3Nancy Lovas • Summer Krstevska • Angel Truesdale Poster #26 -- Teaching with Mobile Technology: Learning, Engagement, and Discovery Piedmont 1-3Laura McShane Poster #5 -- Creating an Open Educational Resource: Exploring ways that libraries can support OER publishing Piedmont 1-3Jeanne Hoover • Heather Seibert NCLA Website Help Piedmont 1-3NCLA Web & Technologies Committee

9:00am EDT

9:30am EDT

10:00am EDT

10:30am EDT

Programming with Intent: Planning Storytimes Through An Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Framework Winston 1CSophie Kenney • YSS Data, Video, Coding, Making: Libraries are Spaces to Create Salem 3AKathryn Webb From the Ground Up: Lab School Library Space Design Project Winston 1ANicole Spoor • Abby Moore Assisting and Providing Mental Health Literacy to Library Users with Mental Disorders and Developmental Disorders Across Library Settings Winston 3CPatrice Hall • Dawn Behrend Libraries: Spaces to Unite and Empower Communities Salem 3CTaylor Atkinson • Rieta Drinkwine • John Catalano • Dana Bertolino Raising Your Library’s Profile: Making Your Community Relationships Work for You Winston 1BMorgan Ritchie-Baum • Kassie Ettefagh • Summer Krstevska • BLINC Academic Libraries: Spaces to Promote Recreational Reading!: Research-Driven Justifications for Recreational Reading Initiatives Salem 3BMeredith Lewis • LI Get Active! Active Learning Techniques for Library Instruction Salem 1CJess Bellemer • Garrison Libby Representation Matters: Celebrating 50 Years of the Coretta Scott King Book Awards Winston 3AAlan R. Bailey • Lakeshia Darden • REMCO Two birds one stone: Supporting data literacy and encouraging civic engagement using framework-inspired library programming Salem 1AMegan Carlton • Jo Klein • GRS Creating Library Space for Learning and Growth: developing professional development workshops and sessions for librarians Winston 3BSamantha Harlow • Jenny Dale (she/her)

11:30am EDT

12:30pm EDT


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